Event Marketing & Promotion

GoodFriday ATX

A City-Wide, Austin, TX event that brings together various non-profits to support a local organization.

Though the development of a custom website was crucial in the promotion of GoodFriday ATX, the mobile app developed for the event was key and a point of connection during the 16,000 attendee event.

Mobile App Development

The GoodFriday ATX mobile was almost an after thought. A discussion was held concerning the design and printing of a 8.5 x 11 page program guide and it’s associated costs.

The printing of the programs were cost prohibited for the almost 1600 attendees, at which point, the idea of a mobile app, as a substitute, was pitched to the promoters.

┬áNot only was the mobile app a huge success and under budget, but it allowed for various “last minute” changes to the program, with additions of sponsors and changes to the program itself. This definitely was out of scope in a printed program guide.

GoodFriday ATX continues to use the mobile app designed for them.


Web Development & Integration

As mentioned earlier, the GoodFriday ATX site was created along with the development of their mobile app. An integrated Master Data Management System was implemented as part of the site development, allowing for consistent messaging across the Omni-Channel marketing plan implemented.