The Whole Kit & Caboodle

OneVoice QC

OneVoice QC was an omni-channel marketing and promotions project that pulled in resources from all areas: Content Creation, Omni-Channel Marketing, Mobile App Development, Web Site Development, Master Data Management System and Integration.

The web presence was developed, launched, and served as the communications hub for all event related communiqués.

Over 500% Growth Obtained

Promoting OneVoice QC from a 250 person capacity venue to a 5000 capacity venue posed several logistical challenges. However, digging into the promotional aspects of OneVoice QC helped us to understand our promotion and target audience.

By doubling down on this challenge, mostly the change of size and venue, we pulled from our target audience and expanded on the promotional efforts. We surpassed our goal of a 600 max. attendee event to a 5900 attendee event for this non-profit Christmas Celebration and fundraiser.

OneVoice QC Mobile App

As part of our event marketing campaign, OVRFLW developed and integrated the OneVoice QC Mobile app for Android and iOS devices to promote live event segments (i.e. donation and key sponsor moments). All without the added effort of an additional communication touch point, as all the communications input was handled through the site.

OneVoice QC Mobile App

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